Monday, 17 January 2011

Assignment 1 Still Life - Small Object in Detail

PAINTING 2: Exploring Concepts
Part 1 – Painting in Detail

Project: Still Life

Exercise: Small Object in Detail

Having spent a little while on Forums and looking at fellow student Blogs I thought it was about time I started actually doing some work now that I have connected with my Tutor. I decided to take advantage of the last Bramley apple slowly rotting away on my work surface, it may eventually feature in the Autumn painting which is why I thought I ought to work on the study now.  My first attempt did not limit the palette sufficiently and I ended up with a realistic apple in full colour.  I realized my mistake and limited the palette (watercolour) to Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue.  I selected these because they mix to reasonable dark and because they provide cold and warm colours, and the transparency of the Ultramarine is useful for glazing.  I used Bockingford rough.  I did not draw an outline, preferring to paint direct.

The realism that a full colour palette affords was missing but I felt this was compensated for by the sense of form, which was easier to portray without having to consider the tonal values of colours themselves. 

The object was viewed from the front with natural light from left and right.  I decided to block the light from the left in order to minimize any confusion with highlights and shadows. Natural light was much softer that artificial light and had a bluer spectrum.  The highlights and shadows are therefore softer than using artificial light.

Reflected light from the surface caused lost lines on the bottom right of the apple and almost had  a similar effect on the left hand shadow side of the object merging with the shadow. The strongest found lines were where the front surface of the apple met the shadow below.

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