Saturday, 19 March 2011

Spring Cleaning


Part 6 – Parallel Projects

Project: Spring

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

What does Spring mean for me?  It is not a time for house-cleaning but rather gardening to get ready for the coming Season.  I think that spring-cleaning is a pretty out-moded concept anyway, which is why my Spring Cleaning picture is set in past times.  I enjoyed trying to create something amusing, I had thought of drawings springs going around picking up rubbish, but then I thought of how my cats might figure in a painting. Using A3 beige tinted pastel paper, I used Yellow, Red, Grey and Green pastel rubbed off in places with limited use of black pen.  The curtain is knotted, as was the case in the past during spring cleaning, though why I am not quite sure.  I had several attempts at this producing a drawing initially, then the pastel and eventually a mixed media image; the pastel seemed to work best so here it is:

Spring Optimism Check and Log:

  • Have you managed to convey a sense of lightness and humour in your work?
I would like to think I have created a sense of fun a humour and it is produced in a light way using pastel and just a little pen and ink. 

§    How does the colour palette you use affect the mood of your work?
I have used yellows, soft greys and to try to introduce a bit of sparkly fun soft red and green contrast.  My picture is meant to convey movement in almost every aspect so I needed to include fairly strong verticals and horizontals to stabilize the picture.



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