Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sketchbook February 2011


This is a drawing of my grandson sleeping, using coloured pencil, which I found quite pleasant to use.

This is a sort of sketch idea from trampoleening sketches

An ink sketch of myself which I found quite difficult because of the inability to use intermediate tones, one could only hatch and/or cross hatch. I have just been reading a book on Gaudier Brzeska, and admired his minimal sketches in ink and charcoal.  My outline was not successful enough to leave as a minimal outline and could only add sculptural qualities of form to give the drawing some substance.

More drawings of Freddie asleep using coloured pencil.
I quite liked this quick sketch of me, it doesn't really look like me but I was feeling upset because my hair is now so thin, and it made me feel miserable, so I thought it a good idea to catch a different mood.
Trampoleening stick people.

Freddie Sleeping

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