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Over the years I have collected some quotations which I would like to share:
(Art is) Logic of the visible at the service of the invisible – Odilon Redon

A landscape doesn’t exist in its own right…for me it is only the surrounding atmosphere which gives objects their real value – Claude Monet

I want to represent things as they are, or as they would be if I didn’t exist – Gustave Courbet

Art is a form of play, a double remove from the truth – Plato

People make images because of their wish for knowledge – Aristotle

People make images to indulge their desires – Plato

I may be excused for painting bones and joints out of their place, as painting is no longer imitative but creative – James Jeffrey 1770’s

Symbolism: expressive not imitative taking art beyond the picture frame into the world. - Anon

As habit (or familiarity) weakens every impression, what a person recalls to us most vividly is precisely what we had forgotten, because it was of no importance, and we had therefore left it in full possession of its strength. -Marcel Proust

My painting abstract? Why? Painting is concrete: colour, forms, dynamics.  What counts is invention.  One must invent and then construct – Serge Kupka

The essence beneath appearances – Der Blaue Reiter

A work of art consists of two elements, the inner and the outer.  The inner element on its own is the emotion of the artist’s soul.  This emotion is able to bring out a basically corresponding emotion in the soul of the viewer. - Wassily Kandinsky

The unbounded unbounded warmth of red has not the irresponsible appeal of yellow, but rings inwardly with a determined and powerful intensity.  Blue is the typical heavenly  (spiritual) colour, the ultimate feeling it creates is one of rest. -  Wassily Kandinsky

There are no facts, only interpretations – Nietzsche

Painting can attract admiration by the resemblance of things, the original of which, we do not admire – Pascal

Art should stand alone, and appeal to the artistic sense of eye or ear, without confounding this with emotions entirely foreign to it. - James Whistler

Instinct must be thwarted just as one prunes the branches of a tree so that it will grow better. - Henri Matisse

The art of painting – original arrangements composed of elements taken from conceived rather than perceived reality. - Guillaume Apollinaire (The Beginnings of Cubism)

Colour and I are one.  I am a painter. -  Paul Klee

The important task of all art is to destroy the static equilibrium by establishing a dynamic one. - Piet Mondrian

An emotion ceases to be as soon as we form a distinct idea of it – Spinoza

The artist should paint not only what he sees before him, but also what he sees within him. If, however, he sees nothing within him, then he should also refrain from painting that which he sees before him. Otherwise, his pictures will be like those folding screens behind which one expects to find only the sick or the dead. Caspar David Friedrich

There is silver blue, sky blue and thunder blue. Every colour holds within it a soul, which makes me happy or repels me, and which acts as a stimulus. To a person who has no art in him, colours are colours, tones tones...and that is all. All their consequences for the human spirit, which range between heaven to hell, just go unnoticed. Emil Nolde

The horizontal belongs to nature – the vertical belongs to man, which means, that any place where snow and rain are falling down vegetation has to grow free, roofs have to become forests, streets have to become green valleys, the relationship man – vegetation must take on religious extents. Only if you love the tree like you love yourself you will survive.Hundertwasser

There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion - Unknown

Realism should be defined as the antithesis of art.  It is of far greater importance for the artist to approach closely the ideal within him, that is unique to him, than to reproduce, the fleeting ideal which nature can present. Odilon Redon
Art is the mind speaking through the eye Sylvia Philpot

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