Thursday, 28 July 2011

Self Portraits by Various Artists

Francis Bacon © Bridgeman Library

I liked the original concept of the composition for this work and the way it hangs together despite being illogical.

 Balthazar Klossowski de Rola

The muted colours and the intensity of expression attracted me to this portrait.  The looseness of the style without eliminating detail, is one of those attributes I aspire to, and I feel this style of painting will be the most influential on my self portrait

 Picasso ©Bridgeman Library

Picasso’s portrait appealed to me because of the linear expressions which echoe throughout the portrait.  As with the Bacon “likeness” which for me is the whole point of a portrait is questionable, he could be Hitler!

 Van Gogh  ©Bridgeman Library

I just love Van Gogh’s portrait, and indeed his work generally, he has a strength of expression which is quite penetrating. It was just a pity his genius wasn’t recognized in his own lifetime.  The contrasting colours work so well, and there is just enough tonal work in the face but not too much.

David Goatley
Casey Childs

I liked the casual approach of Goatley’s portrait and I don’t doubt that it is like him.   Realism yes and some of his portraits are “pretty” but there is a sense of person behind them. Likewise Casey Childs.  Both artists paint in America. The sense of a real person will influence my portrait because I want it to look like me as near as possible.

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