Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Painting from Photographs (Formats)

Exploring Concepts

Assignment 3 – Landscape

Research – Painting from Photographs


I don’t have a facility for cutting out shapes, other than square or circular, so the triangular one below is the best I could do.

This project became very time consuming involving IT skills with a particular package, Fireworks, for enhancing and distorting photographs then putting them together to form a collage, so I only produced this one.

However,I am not going to use any of these images for a painting starting point, but use collage image from a magazine overglazed it and added further marks.

  •  How did using a non-conventionally shaped canvas influence your work? did you find it limiting or liberating?
I feel that unconventionally shaped canvases are gimmicky and for that reason found them limiting.

  • How did you use a ready-made or photographed image which aspects of this experimentation would you like to develop in your work.
I enjoyed the collage aspect with the addition of paint as a glaze and additional marks, I felt this improved upon collage alone as an art motif.

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