Friday, 30 December 2011

A Different View

Exploring Concepts

Assignment 3 – Landscape

A Different View


It was difficult to sketch at this location because of the single track fast road with high banks, the entrance to the farm was also a no-no because of farm tractors etc.  I used a “passing place” to park the car for a short while and did these two quick sketches.  I had painted the farm in the past but without much success.  I have since painted over the painting but a copy of it can be seen on my web site under the title Hoxne Farm.  For this reason I felt I needed to paint the subject again, only this time from a slightly different position.  It was a dull day when I did these sketches and it later turned to heavy rain and dark clouds as I was about to leave.  I have read that some artists prefer to paint without sunlight and obvious shadows.  This makes producing a form more of a challenge because there are no obvious shadows and shaded areas. 

I had also been reading about broken hues and thought it would be a good idea to paint this picture using broken hues, as the colours were slightly dull.  However, having done this I found that the painting was really uninteresting as well as dull, so I decided to add some prime colours and to blur the image by dragging the paint down.  I lightened the sky a little by adding patches of blue so that it was left with a feeling of inspissated gloom.  I put hints of light grey to indicate wet foliage.

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