Sunday, 15 April 2012

Abstraction Seascape

Assignment 4 – Abstraction

Townscape or Seascape

I was remembering the picture in my head of my grandson whilst he was in the swimming pool during our Spanish holiday last year and had previously incorporated a similar motif in one of my sketches at that time.  I decided to try to re-invent it only this time using a similar style to John Hoyland’s “Black Something”  I used black paper and acrylic using pva glue mixed in occasionally. 

Conscious that I should be trying to learn from Patrick Heron and Terry Frost I did another picture which is more the influence of Patrick Heron’s style only instead of blocking in various shapes I have overlaid them in the sea and then contrasted that with the rugged cliffs on the right.  I was particularly attracted to the organic and random shapes that Heron uses and the startling but homogenous colours used, but couldn’t quite achieve those myself.  I must say that despite being semi abstract, the view over the cliff at the bottom of the picture is quite vertiginous.

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