Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Construction - Repeating Lines

Another enjoyable exercise! At first I thought, what else can be done, it's been done before.  But it is easy to think that about most exercises until it becomes clear that the learning process of actually putting something into practice enables new outcomes and influences, other thoughts. In this case, some of the photography (not serious) that I have done came to mind, so I trolled through all my images to see what I could find.  I am going to include them here because this is what the exercise caused me to think about. One of those "starbursts" in the brain; those neural pathways that open other doors!

First, some sketches of various ideas, nothing terribly exciting, but full of potential. Influenced by nature, air-displays (I am a great fan of the Vulcan), architecture and a reminder the horror of war.

Rather more dramatic are the photos.  Followers of my blog will know that I very much feel that the fusion of art and IT is where the future lies in the artworld.  So it is no surprise that I am inspired by the enhanced photographic method.  These could be used as a background to a painting, to be copied on to a canvas (there must be a way), just as Rauschenberg used silk screen printing techniques.  The way forward will then be a new and exciting art that links so much of what we see on our screens today.  Non-authorial? - if you like! No hand has been involved apart from clicking the shutter.  But crucially decisions have been made, which in my book means there is a creative mind at work behind the process.




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