Sunday, 30 November 2014

Magic Door

I started off with high hopes with this picture.  I wanted originally to include a door that would close on to the picture  on the right then when opened close on to the picture on the left.  I don't have the skills to make such a door and without it the picture is unsuccessful.  Also I tried to create the ball on the left as a 3D image but it just doesn't work.  I was inspired by Anselm Keifer's work and wanted to include that heavy texture and some rhinestones, but the whole effect is clumsy.

The painting is meant to illustrate the following poem:

When life's horizon was hidden in haze
And no limits had been defined,
I lived in a haven I thought was a maze,
So I searched until I did find.

When an exit I saw,
With exuberance of youth
I ran through that magic door;
Only to find when I turned around
The door wasn't there anymore.

I envisaged using Picasso's Dove painting to illustrate innocent youth with the dove of peace, except that the background was hinting at a maze, to illustrate the poem.  The handle on the door has the look of an LED, therefore something slightly magical. The future of the person on the right is unknown, but there is an horizon, so she is aware of mortality and life's limited span.  Her path is picked out in rhinestones indicating hope of better things to come.

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