Friday, 6 February 2015

Combining Objects and Images

Bridgit Riley developed a style of painting that explored the visual image for its qualities affecting sight, the visual disorientation of movement and dynamic interference and shimmer achieved by her black and white as well as her coloured paintings exemplifies this style.

My piece of artwork draws on the idea of "interference."  The context of my work relates to the social context of the television screen and how it invades our personal space; growing ever larger until we become viewers in a cinema space, no longer 'loungers' on a sofa. This "interference" therefore alters the social dynamic space of the home.

The dual meaning of "interference" in the visual sense, as perceived on old black and white transmissions, is also indicated.  The idea of a wider space, that of the universe, is hinted at through this interference which is the sound of the hiss of the Big Bang 4.8 billion years ago, and would be played as part of a sound art with the object.

I have represented the screen with a Bridget Riley type print to give an indication of the visual distortion and the hiss, and crackle is represented by the metalic swarf which comes out of the screen and down on to the floor, interposing itself on the surrounding space.

It is therefore a visual and sculptural object combine but alludes to a pedestal in the form of a tv base support, which was the traditional way of presenting a sculpture.

I gave a great deal of thought to this object/combine and have tried to give a context to my work.  It is also influenced by Jean Tinguely's "Turning of Friendship of American and France." as well as Robert Rauschenburg and to a limited extend Cornelia Parker.

I am aware that my work sometimes becomes rather cluttered, so I am making a conscious effort not to include too much, i.e. less is more.


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