Friday, 13 February 2015

Final Project

My final project is influenced by Cornelia Parker, Anselm Kiefer and Jessica Stockholder, and combines objects, images and graffiti.

The work represents time and space and can be read as a diptych, triptych or as individual pieces.

Taking the piece on Space,  I am connecting not only the subject matter within a spacial area but the concept  of traditional painting by relating it back to the wall by  following the conventional practice of  hanging paintings on the wall.  At the same time I am  projecting it forward into observable space, suggesting the idea of making art part of the gallery space not merely adhered or appended to it.

The canvas takes the idea of Kiefer's work on space using real diamonds to depict the planets and stars.  In this case I have represented stars and planets by rhinestones, glitter and painted pieces of rock to represent meteors. 

The metal bar from which the metal objects are suspended looks like Orion's belt and might be interpreted as such, its shiny surface reflects the viewer much like a mirror, suggesting self reflection, and self reflexivity.  The objects are a direct inspiration from Cornelia Parker.

Sorry I can't turn this photo

The next element E = mc² joins both objects i.e. Time and Space.  It is painted directly on to the wall conflicting with the traditional idea of easel art, suggesting not only progress in art but progress in the space time continuum.  It is presented as graffiti street art, because space is ubiquitous, and because street art is also.  It hints at the fact that sadly some people populating the streets do not even have their own space.  It not only connects the two main elements but could be the central motive of a triptych, its importance is worthy in its own right and philosophically would question its relevance (or relativity) in connection with religion, by being presented as a triptych.

The third element Time could be read separately -  a 'Time-piece' showing the explosion or deconstruction of time, or taken in conjunction with Space when it would become an integral part of the whole. I would like to have added some hands but I haven't been able to get an old clock and as they are mostly battery operated these days so it wasn't possible to find any innards. 

(Sorry I can't turn this photos)

Throughout this particular Assignment I have consciously tried to minimalize the piece  as I have a tendency to clutter.  However, I want to say a lot and maybe now conceptually it has become too encumbered with conflicting meanings.  But in a sense it is not for me to interpret the piece for the viewer but for the viewer to find these things or re-interpret them.

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