Sunday, 15 April 2012

Winter Studies from Photographs

Project: Winter Studies from Photographs

This was from a photograph of the Norman countryside with a road and a ford in the dip.  It is oil pastel on grey pastel paper.

Again in France this was a watercolour through glass at an old Norman church.

Suffolk countryside this time, watercolour on Bockingford with White oil pastel on branches.

I got a bit carried away with this one allowing my imagination to produce the evening sky.  It does, I feel have a cold wintry feel about it.

Check and Log

  • Have you achieved a convincing sense of winter in your studies?

I believe I have, although deep snow is always more convincing.

  • Which techniques from these studies will you use in your longer piece of work?

I did not use any, but had already decided to paint in a semi-abstract style which I haven’t really used here.

  • How can you develop or restrict your colour palette for this assignment

Winter scenes are naturally less colourful, but the colours become more subtle and cooler so it was a question of eliminating the very warm bright colours.

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