Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Conveying a Message

I was determined to have a go at collaging a face having seen many of Richard Hamilton's images.  I didn't expect it to quite turn out like this.  It is a bit of fun and humour doesn't often feature in my work so I hope it is enjoyed.  I took an image of a Limur from the Sunday Times keeping the strap line but altering the image.  It amused me and amused my Grandson, but then he is only 7.  It is not only a blatant message but is unambiguous as it includes text making the message clear. It also identifies itself as Art Pop, in the place where the artist might sign a picture.

I struggled with the idea of relaying a message and had to come back to this exercise after completing most of the others.  I am happy enough with the image for its own sake but in trying to transmit a message, I found that difficult.  So my second image, Dreaming Don walks away from Spires, is perhaps a bit more obscure.  I liked the idea of overpainting the collage but in colour.  Also, creating a scene was again satisfying using different shots for each side of the street and the view straight ahead.

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