Friday, 1 August 2014

Creating a Narrative

I played around with various ideas for a long time on this, using Fireworks to cut and paste images on screen.

Having seen Hamilton's exhibition in London I thought I would use some of his ideas to create new narratives and images.  I used the glasses idea, (as created by Jasper Johns and subsequently, Richard Hamilton), on top of the building to look at the woman descending the staircase and called in "Critical Gaze", then reproduced it in colour and in a sort of Kline blue. It incorporates a modern environment which has been clipped and pasted to form the kind of landscape that Pitin creates in collage and paint.


The John Wayne picture refers to Hamilton's Interior 1, it incorporates conceptual art as well as the "selfie" and John Wayne looks on in disbelief.

 My "Arrangement in Grey and Black/The female gaze"  Uses images of my female cat looking straight at the viewer, which echoes the Manet painting on the wall where the female gazes at the spectator.  It might be better produced entirely in Black, White and Grey, rather than the slightly brown overtones, but I liked the warm effect which is reminiscent of Sepia used in old photographs.

The word Holy Moly, is of unknown origin, but an art group was formed with the name and is a pun on the serving spoon with holes and the general mixture of various other cooking utensils, as being extraordinary in their variety.Holy Moly is now taken to mean something extraordinary or unusual.

The handbag refers to the expletive/question in the well known Shaw play "The importance of being Ernest"  The sentence is usually spoken with raised inflection, hence the expanding text.

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