Friday, 1 August 2014

Repeated and Multiple Images

Below are various examples of multiple and repeated images which have been produced on my computer using different photographic software to produce the effects.  I enjoy enhancing, cropping, and reproducing images in this way, the permutations are endless and as software improves the options also increase.  I have recently bought a copy of Photoshop elements 12 but have not yet had time to play with it, hopefully it will provide me with more opportunities to be creative with my photographs.

I used pictures of the Nurburgring grand- stand which were enhanced in different ways to produce multiple repeating images.
This was a found image in a journal which I enhanced then cloned in various places to produce the multiple image. The colours remained natural to the image and produce a somewhat watery image.

I really liked this image found in a fashion magazine and got carried away which the possibilities, some of which I can't reproduce here because the file size is too big, but this gives a flavour.  I wanted to produce a wave in blue with the second image. The picture of the lady with her "halo" was cropped from her background and produced as an individual image which I could then manipulate at will.  I then decided to add a background taken from a building which contained wave shapes and fish.  Putting them both together gave me the idea of presenting the combination of images as a Wave.  The frothy hair representing foam, and the swirling shapes of the background forming the undertow of water currents.

This image is used in my second large painting, but is enhanced in a different way and printed on A3 paper. It contains many cropped images of ladies and dolls dressed in saris.

Gondolas  in black and white made an interesting abstract picture.

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