Friday, 1 August 2014


Using a combination of photographic software my intention was to use the strong images of the Nurburgring grandstand for the multi-part images.  These images were similar to those used by Richard Hamilton/ I found that the software is so sophisticated it is easy to produce the pop art images but there is no flexibility to chose the number or size of the cells, nor indeed the colours, so that was a limitation, I wanted to choose red and yellow only for the German flag.  Cropping some of the image made an interesting alternative to the four squares. No doubt with time I will find other options, but at the moment I am limited by the software.

The next image uses the same photos but with something resembling speed overlaid.  My aim was to turn something static into something representing speed but it is too messy I think.  The modern take would probably have a plain shape on the surface, and I will have to consider this with future work. 

I think this works much better as the actual image is deconstructed vaguely into shape and colour, so the multi-part element works much better. 

The idea here was to eliminate as much detail as possible so that the gesture of the model became the focus of attention, rather than say her clothes or make-up.  I worked on the image first of all but found that the pop-art feature in Photoshop more or less did all the work for me, so I didn't need to spend so much time reducing the detail of the image beforehand.  However, I did make the background dark so that probably wouldn't have happened without my intervention in the first place.  Again, there is no option to alter the colours or the number of images which I felt was a great shortcoming.

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