Friday, 1 August 2014


Similar in content to Biography and Creating narrative, for this section I decided to include some pictures of Nurburgring which is where historic Group C cars are raced. I chose the multi image of the grandstand which is an outstanding looking building and overlaid it with a photograph of a driver in his helmet, which in turn had various images superimposed.  For example the Zakspeed probe, an historic race car.  Also the name of the race circuit, the Nurburgring, which is used not only for Grand Prix events at the moment but is an historic circuit with interesting history behind it.  I further enhanced the image to give a feeling of movement and speed. I wanted to relay something of the feeling of fast Le Mans cars of the past echoing in the present.  They have a sound unlike modern race cars and reach speeds of over 200 mph; they are not formula cars in the sense that grand prix cars are, but are endurance characterful bolides.

To create a feeling of the passing of time, I intended that the following image of a derelict petrol station taken in Spain, on route 66 offered the opportunity to introduce all three, history, narrative and intimacy in the same image.  The historic element is implied by the feeling of a building with a past, and the narrative of desolation is also discernable. There is an eerie quality to buildings that have fallen into dis-use and by making he photo negative there appears to be light emenating from the building which adds to the mystery, and gives it an intimacy it wouldn't otherwise have, one feels almost drawn to the light to know what might be going on inside the building. There are some lovely shapes and contrasts going on which make the picture visually interesting. The contrasting black and white is lifted by the text in red.

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