Tuesday, 26 August 2014


For my recycled frame I decided to replicate one of the sketches I had produced in an earlier exercise.  My intention was to produce something visually fairly plain but to have a narrative that hinted at more complex ideas.  

The title of the frame is "Language barrier".  The image features 'made up' hieroglyphs on the top section with Pitman's shorthand in the bottom section. The two are separated by what appears to be a river or a sea.  Continents with different cultures and languages unable to communicate, hints of the Rosetta Stone and the rivalries over its ownership. Idealistic ideas of communication being a potential instrument for peace (if you can translate the shorthand), barriers, bridges, Gulfs, being engulfed and so on.  It seemed appropriate to use the frame as the river is seemingly without end and therefore the number of languages too.  It is a reference to the field painting of Jackson Pollock which extends beyond the canvas, into infinity, but it also insinuates, or carries a suggestion of, a bridge from one side to the other, at least I hope it does.  

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