Tuesday, 26 August 2014


At the time of doing this exercise the Scottish referendum vote is in progress and the outcome unknown.  I thought it would be interesting therefore to "fracture" the flags making up the Union Flag.  I decided it would be better to print the Scottish soltire, St Patrick's flag and St George's flag to ensure I had matching sizes.  I tried painting, but it was not as effective.  I overprinted the St George and St Patrick flags on to one image with the Scottish Soltire printed separately.  After all, it may mean a change of flag if Independence is favoured, presumably the Soltire.  would be removed. By fracturing the images using the weaving technique, I felt it was appropriate to mark the current state of play.  It is also an evocation of Jackson Pollock's US flags.

My first attempt used one inch strips and I don't think I got the alignment quite right.  It was also painted which  wasn't as crisp as I wanted.  

For the second attempt I thought it might be an idea to try smaller strips, just in the middle to see how the image displayed then, and whether or not it would look more interesting.  It was better than the first but didn't quite look enough like the Union Flag for it to have much meaning. Strangely, the tops are aligned yet the bottom is out of alignment but there are no vertical gaps to account for this.

For the third attempt, the Goldilocks principal springs to mind,  I decided to take the central crossover out of the Soltire and to space those strips differently, eliminating two strips altogether.  I also cut the horizontals much narrower still.  The finished result looks closer to a "fractured" Union Flag, with St George's flag more readable and bolder than the other two flags, which is the effect I wanted to achieve.  I hope it is not a beheading offence!

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