Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Because I live in a fairly modern house now I didn't think there was much scope for an "interesting corner".  However, the stairwell possibly had potential so  I thought I would see what I could make of it.  The more photographs I took from different angles, the more interesting the area became.  The clean lines and almost white planes offered an  architectural interest similar to that of the work of Corbusier.

I felt there was some possibility in the photos to produce something with a  geometric sculptural feel to it, a sort of labyrinth of conflicting  perspectives.  Rather than using collage I thought I would use Fireworks to move the photos into different positions to see what I came up with.  
I was pleased with the finished product and it was surprising the amount of moving around that was necessary to achieve the effect I was after, getting the angles right and covering parts of the image I didn't want took some time but I think it was worth persevering . I decided to reduce the colour on one of the prints and turn it around, but am not sure which I prefer, I think possibly the green one. I decided it might be worth increasing the contrast on the near black and white and also the saturation , maybe making it completely black and white, (see third image below), so now I am even more uncertain of my preference.  Just turning the photograph made a huge difference to the feel of the image, and added a vertiginous aspect which I felt was interesting.  It is almost like a dream sequence of a house with stairs that lead nowhere and spaces that don't cohere properly. 

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