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Tutor Report MM Pt5

Tutor report


Student name        
Sylvia Philpot
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Painting 2: Mixed Media
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Dear Sylvia


Thank you for your fifth Assignment


Overall Comments

The work you have submitted for this assignment appears to be of a similar standard to your previous assignment, which demonstrated an effective grasp of ideas and also showed creativity, experimentation and that you are articulate and self- aware in terms of theoretical understanding.


The assignment however does not give enough visual evidence in terms of the impact on the viewer and it is difficult to determine scale in relation to the environment and the viewer. There are also lots of implicit references, which are good, but also some very obvious references to the work of other artists, which borders on the predictable.


Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

I emphasized ‘appears’ in my overall comments because your blog is a little inadequate as far as evidence of your practice is concerned. I was refused access to your Witches Wood blogspot so I cannot comment on the work here. I also thought the images for your final project were not clear enough and did not show enough of the spatial environment (room space) and how the work impacted on this environment.


Your blog demonstrated your reasoning and self reflection very well especially in terms of conceptual understanding. Therefore I have had to go by your blog for this assignment because of the nature of what you refer to as your  “ object” work and evaluating this has been difficult because the reproductions on your blog are not that clear enough. I think you should have sent me some photographs for this assignment and I would advise that you do this as evidence of Assignment 5, for assessment.


Your combining objects and images work has worked quite well and the influences in the work are clear. You also describe your intentions fairly clearly in your blog. I would have liked to see more of the environment in your photographs to get an idea of scale and impact on space.


Your Diorama/ tableaux work has a clear Dadaist/conceptual focus and the gender references (rather than the feminist references) are quite effective. You have also sited the influences from Duchamp, Martha Rosier, Cindy Sherman and Jeff Koons. However I think that your work has more in common with multi references that are in the dioramas of Joseph Bueys or Marcel Dzama.


The same can be said of your final project work, which takes its influences clearly from Cornelia Parker, Kiefer and Stockholder.

There is some interesting use of metal, micro line and graffiti. This also emphasizes the different use of space in relation to planes of the metal objects, objects in space and wall mark making. However the importance of scale and dynamics of space is not clear from the images in the blog.


I think there are still too much emphasis on concept, making and theory and not enough importance given to the context of space and design.


Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays


                        Your critical review is well thought out and demonstrates a good range of research and your argument, which is both articulate and self-aware. I would have liked to see more references to outside influences such as changes in society, multicultural influences and how perception is changing because of access to technology. The bombardment of all our senses by such a variety of influences means that the divisions in discipline are no longer valid. Artists are responding to this in artworks that include sound, smell, physical experience etc. There is also no mention of the digital revolution and how artists are synthesizing digital technology into all aspects of drawing, painting, installation and performance.






Yours sincerely,


Richard Liley


Tutor name:
Richard Liley
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