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Tutor Report MM Pt4

Tutor report


Student name        
Sylvia Philpot
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Painting 2: Mixed Media
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Dear Sylvia


Thank you for your fourth Assignment


Overall Comments                                                                                                   

The work you have produced for this Assignment continues to show the progress that I commented on in the last Assignment.

However your references to context can be a little superficial and as an example, I reference your comments on Daniel Buren’s work, which shows that you need to do more in-depth research.


“Buren uses stripes as a neutral symbol in his sculpture, installing his art in and around Paris during the 60s.  He was commissioned to use striped columns at the 2012 Monumenta festival in Paris.  The latest installation at the Grand Palais has disks of plastic colours that fill the space and are mirrored from below.  I personally don’t find his work rewarding because I don’t get any message, and like others think it is repetitive, but he is regarded as France’s most important living artist.”


You need to understand that Buren’s work originates from Institutional Critique paralleling the urban guerrilla tactics of the Situationists.  The work challenges the power of the gallery and the museum making the observer aware that his trademark stripes can be taken out of the gallery and on to the street. - so they can appear on a passing bus or on a bus seat or even on boat sails on Lake Grasmere in the Lake District (Voile/Toile 2012). Please do some research into the Situationists and Institutional Critique and increase your understanding.




Assessment Potential

 I am not going to use the standard statement here because you have the potential to pass at Assessment. However you may lose marks on application of knowledge and discernment and critical thinking in some areas that I am pinpointing in this report.

Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity


The weakest areas of your work mainly relate to quality of outcome and context, which are variable at this level of study. Your demonstration of creativity and of technical and visual skills is of a competent to very competent standard.


Your application of knowledge, coherence and discernment needs more thought and development and quality of outcome needs to marry up to reflection, research and contextual relevance.


 This marrying up of context needs to underpin the sense of purpose in your work. The work you have submitted for this assignment and earlier work comes across as imaginative and experimental which is a good thing. However the work often lacks substance because in some instances you are not necessarily understanding or fulfilling the brief. I will explain this in reference to your specific assignment projects as follows:


The shaped painting from everyday life:

The painted element is tenuous here and although the content of the images works well as far as design, composition and invention are concerned you have missed the point of the exercise. You are still working within the format of the rectangular frame and have not grasped the point of the project to work within a shaped format. You must link the research to this –e.g. the purpose behind Stella or Kelly’s work to make paintings into objects that relate to room space and the proportional response of the viewer to the object within the space.


Fracturing the picture plane – Weaving:


This is a much more relevant response to the exercise and the political references are good. I wondered though if you had thought about aspects of the interruption of the picture plane and low relief?


Recycle a Frame

You have used the frame well as a way of dividing content and meaning here and I think you have successfully combined symbolic meaning with function.




There are lots of good things here with references to Cornell and symbolic meaning. However the functional process of framing within a box environment is not discussed – why are you creating this environment and are you considering composition and the relationship of object to enclosed space?


Preconceived ideas and notions, which are very imaginative, often lead your work but you are not responding to considerations related to restatement, chance or even changes in direction relating to construction and composition


An Object Painting:


This is another instance where your idea dominates the proceedings and you do not take into account why you found it difficult to translate the Malevich sketches into 3D. You do not consider the Suprematists references to the ground as infinity, the symbolism of the icon or the dynamics of composition. The three dimensional realization therefore gets side tracked by considerations of the making and the application of media or colour.



Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity

                   This area of your work is good in most respects.

Learning Logs or Blogs/Critical essays


                        I have already pinpointed the weakness here but in other respects your research is thorough and relevant.


                  I also found your blog a little complicated and difficult to follow.


                  Suggested reading/viewing


Try to get hold of a book from the library called Art Since 1980: Charting the Contemporary by Peter R Kalb


Pointers for the next assignment

·        Try to apply considerations of change into your work. Do not let the idea dominate the process of making and aspects of restatement, coherence and contextual relevance.



Yours sincerely,


Richard Liley


Tutor name:
Richard Liley
Next assignment due

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