Friday, 1 August 2014

Temporary Image

It seems to me that most temporary things appear in earth, air,  fire and water, the four elements, so my pictures reflect this. Flames dying in the hearth after a roaring fire; waves rolling across the sands, enhanced to produce something semi-abstract; trees from a moving vehicle give an ethereal look to the landscape, something fleeting and captured in that split second.  The Red Arrows, like any aeroplane makes a temporary appearance and the smoke they emit is equally short lived, but I couldn't leave out the USAF Aerobatic Team, so perfectly synchronized for a short moment. The sun is rarely captured so bright with such crisp shadows forming an interesting pattern, just at that particular time of day. Water again, this time bubbling following the splash of a swimmer, something that David Hockney was mesmerized by.  A water spout with a bird in the foreground, two mercurial events in one.

In case you have difficulty recognizing this last one, it is a water stain on a wooden table.

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